I Am A Boring Person To Talk To

I am a really boring person. People dont prefer to talk much or enjoy my company. They feel bored. I feel lonely in offices and also in social gathering. Is there anything I can do about it. I feel very sad because of this. I donno what to talk and even if i start some topic..people dont give much importance to it. Someone please give me some confidence.Because of this I become more discouraged everytime.

Serahmol Serahmol
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It mite happen may be because I am scared of what to talk. youre damn right there,one can never be intresting if hes scared about what he should talk,have confidence on yourself,im reading your comments and they are intresting,youre not boring

Whatever you wrote,made me cry,it is the same thing that happens to me,honestly,i dont think im boring,but my conversations with people never work out,i really dont know why,im the funniest person in the world but i dont know my convos never work out with most of the people,And you are not at all Boring buddy,i hope this makes sense,just have confidence in yourself,always say whatever you want to,im damn sure that youre just thinking youre boring and people consider you boring,you know boring people never realize they are boring,you know always say whatever you want to,i dont think u are boring,always try to befriend people,keep talking to them,if you feel lonely,Befriend people na? make them your friend,when you start a topic nobody would have given importance to it because it woudnt have been something they are intrested in,if they dont respond well to that topic,start another,you know what? i hope you understand this,im sure you always stay quiet most of the time,after conversing to a person and just after them not responding well to one topic you brought up,you shut up after that,i really feel bad for you after reading what youve written,have confidence on yourself buddy and TALK to people,youre NOT BORING


You know what does help. Just get in a room, by yourself , or go to the park and just work up a sweat and strain in whatever way possible. I just did that and I had a brighter outlook and I am way shy and talk to noone and I may say hi to the cashier at the cafeteria!!! We will see...

u not the only one who feels that way thea are those moments that one has lows and tends to feel inferior. think of yourself as a wonderful person, smile on. You are also special no one is better than you coz ur special in your own way. never forget that, do not lose ur confidence. you are A GREAT person.

i thougth im the only one like that :(

Maybe it's your body language..check it out in the mirror..seriously.You never know ..People read people and they like animated faces and smiles.It shows interest too.

Thanks KittyKatty and jordan97. Its been so nice to see your support towards me. My problem is that people prefer talking to the person standing next to me if they want to comment on something. They will ignore me as if I dont exist there. I feel as if im a fool. It mite happen may be because I am scared of what to talk. I feel very inferior because noone wants anything from me.

No one is really boring. I agree with jordan97: you haven't found your circle (to stay with EP-terminology) yet. <br />
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Personally, I find people who do the most talking the most boring - I get bored really easily by people yapping away about their oh so interesting lives or all sorts of topics they don't know **** about all the time. Sometimes it's just nice to be with someone and not have to say much.<br />
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I think confidence is the first step to resolving your 'problem'. Be assured of the fact that you ARE an interesting person and that you DO have a lot to say, but only about the subjects you are truly interested in. Once you have found people who share your interests, you probably won't be able to stop talking and they won't be able to drag themselves away from you.

We cannot all be social butterflies or confident like politicians. You must believe in yourself first before others will believe and listen to you. You are not boring, you just have not found the right people to share times with. it can be as simple as a few sentences over a coffee with someone.<br />
Maybe try to start by asking a person some questions to get them to talk to you about something they like, most people love telling stories or reflecting on a particular time or experience.<br />
Try this and try reading one thing in the lacal paper that YOU are interested in and maybe follow it so you gain information on this topic so you can speak with confidence and passion.<br />
You can do it believe me! Sit back and watch the fools who do not stop talking....remember god gave us one mouth and two ears so we should listen more than we speak..<br />
fron Aussie Boy