Feeling Friendless

Over the years I have had many 'friends' but very few of them are still around.  I know that friends come and go but being realistic this is far more than reasonable.  I have asked myself is it me do I have to high expectations, am I to needy, am I to negative, am I selfish and probably at times the answer is yes.  However I am kind, I am a good listener, I give time to friends in need and I,m also up for a very good time with lots of laughs,  To me friends support each other and make an effort to connect and communicate in a positive manner.

however I nearly always find myself doing the running, arranging things, having people to dinner, people to stay etc etc but i truly can,t remember the last time we were invited anywhere at all - in fact is a very rare occurrence if the phone rings, in fact when my husbands father passed away there were no phone calls, no cards and an absence of friends at the funeral - people did know. 

i have made lots of efforts to suggest the cinema, theatre etc etc but people never get back to me or ignore emails text messages etc .  I don,t constantly ask, i don,t pressurize. if we go away on holiday even close friends don,t show any interest.  I definitely don,t talk about myself all the time i know the importance of listening and sharing in balance.


It is now so bad that i know i have started to feel probably better to lead a solitary life to spare any more of the pain of feeling rejected as i now don,t trust people at all



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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

There are perhaps qualities about yourself which you have not yet uncovered, or at least have not revealed, which are influencing the flourishing of your social life. <br />
<br />
It may be useful to delve deeper.