How About Good Old Common Sense.

...And whatever legislation and law there is that pertains to your jurisdiction, as a basis for the extreme limit of tolerable moral behaivor (ah, but that in itself is questionable - is the Government and the State's legislation of what can be defined as morality correct?  That, I fear is an open ended questions, especially when it interferes with individual actions of one's self).

Otherwise many dogmas and stories carry themes of "Do no harm", "Love your neighbor", "Do not have gender bias", "Do not exploit your servants", etc...    All transcending a Religion, but important to make the morality concept viable.

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1 Response Mar 27, 2009

i agree with you , but honestly it become such a tight rope walk to just be moral and have common sense, thinking before acting , with out ppl viewing you as a religious fanatic , almost like having a set of morals your loyal to means your afraid the boogyman will get you if you dont, and dont get me started on the moral corruption in the government yet they have no problem using the "god card" when ever they really need it