My Ugly Secret

I am a smoker and very aware of how uncool and unattractive it is.  It's not something that I am proud of or advertise.  When my niece or nephew are visiting I smoke outside and do the same when the girls have their friends over.  I don't really want to be known as the inconsiderate smoker who is not aware of how harmful it is to others.  My goal is to quit by the end of summer but for now its my ugly secret. 
snowberry75 snowberry75 36-40, F 4 Responses Jul 31, 2011

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It is my secret too but am not really a smoker. I could withhold from it for a month or even a year. But when a cousin drops by who has a pack handy, I won't mind sharing it! I smoke like 3-5 sticks then I stop when I get dizzy. Of course, my kids should be away. I don't want them to see me doing it and emulate such uncool behavior.

LOL hugs sis, yours secrets safe with me.

Me too .... ssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh ............. Lol

LOL thats a possibility but at the same time I don't blame them whatsoever. I grew up in a smoked filled home and it was horrible. Sometimes I wonder if my addiction started with second hand smoke. Is that possible? I remember many car rides with all the windows up, car filled with smoke and not being able to breathe. I was very hard on my parents for smoking and even refused to go to the store for smokes for them, told them I wasn't supporting their habit. So you can imagine how upset my Dad was when he realized that I had started to smoke. I will quit one day and I do understand where others are coming from.

Just read it and he's entitled to his opinion, I will not judge him for it.