Loving Him

It's not a choice, it happens. They are people to, you can't just say they aren't. I personally think love is love. I don't think of people by their weight or age or race; I think I of them as equals. Everyone is worth loving, but one person is your soulmate and it's not wrong if he's 11 years older than you and happens to be your teacher.
TheTeacherLover TheTeacherLover 22-25, F 2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

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hey jus go with flow.. love is all about care and good feelings what we have for others.. well don't think love is only to have someone in your life or your soulmate.. as somebudy loves girl ,somebudy loves money, somebudy lovs food.. as u can love anybuddy.. i think love never thinks wrong.. have a good time my dear.. chef rohit

Hey girl, it is not wrong to love anyone, knowing ur age i can understand ur feelings , but understand that its just a phase of life. I too liked my teacher when i was 14 but now i laugh at myself. Dear u have all the time in te world to find ur soulmate dont think about it now, and try to look at others too you will realise it is more of an attraction.
No offence meant at all , free advice, please consider once :)