Understated Intelligence

Understated intelligence is a beautiful thing.  It is one thing to be smart but it loses its appeal when the intelligent person uses that to make fun of others or to make them feel like they are less of a person because they have a lesser IQ. 

I have a deep attraction to cocky men but at the same time they have to be compassionate.  My guy is a great example of a cocky man with compassion.  He is one of the most brilliant men I know, and in some ways he is much more intelligent than I will ever be, especially in History and military actions. However he has never made me feel I am less intelligent; he always helps me find my answers instead. This is how it should be.


PS: I will always write erotica better but you perform it much better! LOL

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1 Response Mar 6, 2010

Hmm, sounds like a thought for the day. Being smart is a fine thing when you know how to apply it in a good way and in and with good timing. The time it gets expensive is when you abuse it at the expense of others. This is when you can no longer afford to use it. Brow beating someone is very telling on the one doing the beating.<br />
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I have blundered in my ignorance appearing to have a negative IQ. But ignorance has replacement parts called education. Learning about something you are ignorant of is the replacement part of not knowing.<br />
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However, when you get to stupid, there are no cures or replacement parts available. Which is where the statement of "Stupid is as stupid does" this I would consider a work around event. Hammering a stupid person is like an adult beating up a child. Then the person brow beating a stupid person is little more that a bully and is acting more stupid that the stupid person.<br />
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A wise person standing by already knows the score and can clearly see who is who.<br />
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Just a thought.