Nice Try...but I Know A Fake When I See One.

I have believed in some pretty silly and ridiculous things over the years but the reptilians are one of the few things that I WON'T believe in.

Personally the whole illuminati and alien/reptilian thing in my opinion is just out of paranoia from people that think they are being watched.

Sure there are a lot of tv shows, books, statues etc that would care to differ with me on this but again....who the hell are we supposed to believe here?

If you believe in it that's fine with me but don't go shoving it in my face and force me to believe in it, because that won't do a damn thing.

While I do believe in some pretty weird make believe stuff like vampires, werecreatures and the odd demon or the like - I just find a race of reptilian aliens masquerading as humans to be ridiculous. I mean that sounds like the tv series V or the Plutarkians from Biker Mice From Mars.

The so called proof is often manifested in the form of a video or photo of a celebrity, or whoever-the-hell is the suspect for these sort of things, done in very poor quality and all they are doing is blinking.

Please explain to me how exactly that makes you think they're reptilian? Oh, is it because it makes it look like their eyes are slitted? Well there's a real condition that makes your eyes like that, maybe they just have a condition.

And about the so called 'fangs'.....hey maybe, they didn't staighten their teeth out, or maybe just maybe they're into the whole "vampire" thing. Or maybe they are trying to be like the Hessian in Sleepy Hollow.
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Reptilian exist, but is very difficult to see one. How many millions years did the Dinosaur survive. They has a lot of time to develop. Look at Alex Collier conferences.