It Better Efn Not

That's the year I want to retire. I've saved & prepared for this retirement..I've got plans  and it doesn't include everything going to crapola. Seriously, I'll be talkin to the skies and waving my fist.   Forty five years working & no. angry NOT that year.
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6 Responses May 31, 2010

Hey ya far so good. Counting down more year till retirement AMEN!

Nah!!! i don't think! (hope not!! lol ) the world will end in 2012 :D <br />
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Thank you so much for sharing your post doll! :D :D <>

: )

Hey everyone..salar1 wears boxers..I like them better then tidy whities..:>)

**** is it....... better make sureI I have clean boxers on .

Ha!ha!ha! :D i love this!! :D :D &lt;&gt;

bad things going to happen for sure....<br />
<br />
alignments every year, but pole shifts every 12,560 years, the anniversary of which is 21/12/2012...<br />
<br />
just back all your data up on disk, every hard drive on earth frying..;..<br />
<br />
and if aliens invade then too, it's a scam; another bogus 9/11<br />
<br />
peace x