No one left

I don't think there is anyone left in this world for me.  I think that you only get so many chances in your lifetime to find that person that your suspossed to be with the rest of your life and I think all of my chances are up.  I was always the one who said that you would find that person but I don't think that at all anymore.  It's just hopeless and who knows if I would have meet them already but didn't know it and just brushed them off like I always seem to do. Who knows but I'm giving up on looking anymore cause it's just not worth it anymore.
nickles406 nickles406
22-25, F
4 Responses Feb 6, 2007

you are far to young to think it's over. It's easy to think big and grand but you'll go through a lot of love and losts. The key is to keep trying and enjoy the process. You'll find that once you find it you'll just have new issues to deal with.

dont worry you'll find that special someone some day..i hope you do too.just be happy everything will fall into place.

I think you are way to young to even think about giving up. And lowering your expectations? I don't think thst an option.

Maybe you just have to change your type. And lower your expectations. I hope you do find who you are looking for. As you get older what you want in life will change, You are probably just not ready yet.