Robert, Last Night!

I said that after the 'frigging' at his party I was interested in Robert as a lover. I hoped he would ask me out, and last night we went out on a date to the place de la Loge, here in Perpignan (yes, I haven't returned home to Villefranche for the weekend, and our family observance of the Shabbat).

We went to a pizzeria, to a bar, and then as it grew colder I asked him if we could go to his house. Robert had already told me his parents were also out for the evening, at a concert. So, we walked the distance (maybe just under a kilometre) to his home, and indoors he put on some music, and we got two Armagnacs to warm us through.

I had kicked off my boots, and obviously my coat, so up close and under better light Robert could see how my tights looked. He asked me to take off my bodice, not thinking of whether I wore anything underneath! I wasn't! I did as he asked me, because I was just so horny. He was surprised, but like a cat on its prey he leapt to me.

He took off his own top, a pullover-type sweater, and I liked seeing his chest (like I guess he did mine!). He poured two more Armagnacs, and said: 'Ok, the tights now!' I did as I was asked, and took off my tights. I was completely naked, and he looked at me eager to take in everything about me, it seemed.

Robert began kissing me, more passionately than on Sunday, and he kneaded my breasts, toying with my nipples. This petting graduated into a good fingering again. I was already very wet, and finding me so, he told me he wanted to taste me. He soon pushed me back a little so he could get at me, and his tongue was delightful!

I was incredibly turned on, and I orgasmed while he was licking me. I'd hoped and quickly he took off his jeans and his boxers so that he could move on to pushing himself inside me. I orgasmed just at that magical moment of penetration, and I think I alarmed him a little with how vigorously I 'egged-him-on'. I so needed this *******!
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good for you girl glad you got some,,,