Be Proud Of Who You Are Transgendered Individuals!

I don't know why people criticize others because of things they don't understand themselves. Some people are born one sex, but their gender identity is of the opposite sex. This is completely normal. Why does it happen? There's no single explanation for it. Transgendered people have existed within many cultures from antiquity until the present day. From indigenous, to Western and Eastern cultures and societies alike. It may be argued that the reason they are transgendered is biologically related. It may come from prenatal hormone levels or genetic influences, as well as experiences in early childhood as well as experiences in later adolescence or adulthood. I don't feel the need to discriminate against people who are transgendered because there's nothing wrong with it.

You are who you are, be proud of it. Your gender identity is very important to who you are, regardless of if it matches your biological sex or not.
LylaRocks LylaRocks
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I honestly don't get it either. With health and emotional problems just adding societies prejudice ontop of it really doesn't help everyone. And its not like a handful of Trans people mean its an epidemic. there are plenty of people that are able to repopulate.

I wouldn't say it's wrong either, but I do call it what it is, a mental illness, a dysphoria.

I don't doubt it is all you think of, even to the point of suicide. Believe you me they know it's a mental illness, they've just decided to put a bandaid on it permanently instead of trying to find a cure. Their is no such thing as a "girl in a boys body" it's a delusion and a long as it's politicized progress will be stunted. You may have a disease that makes you see yourself as a girl but I don't. I could care less how much someone curses, screams, begs or threatens, I will not call black white, or up down or a man a woman. Maybe you can't do anything about it but don't expect any healthy person to adopt your delusion you being blind does not mean you get to take our site.