I Can't Change My Feelings And Have No Intention Of Doing So

This group kicked me in gut when I saw it because I just sent one of my friends a message explaining that is still important in my life but that  I am not responsible for his feelings.  I would never give up on my friends totally and that is one reason I am trying to get them all talking now so I never have to choose between them. Anyone's thoughts?

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Sometimes it doesn't work out that way though and then people get hurt and you feel guilty for loving the person you love. I don't feel guilty anymore but I do feel that I am pushed to feel guilty sometimes.

I am not totally sure if I have this, but I will speak my thoughts and hopefully it makes sense ..lol<br />
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If you have a friend who has stronger feelings for you,and they've admitted it...I guess you need to be straight with them about the way you feel and if they can handle still being friends..Then no problem..it's really up to them at that point to decide the direction..<br />
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I think some people change when they are in love,not saying it's wrong or anything, but you stop hanging out with friends and they become less important to you...with that comes hurt feelings..<br />
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So I think once you show your friends that you still value them and would be there for them,though you're enjoying being in love...All will be well..<br />
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Just my opinion...:)

I am trying.

I was talking outside but I think some think I was talking inside too. I love everyone.

True FRIENDS... one something...<br />
___people TRYING to "play YOU" or anyone else ... another matter.<br />
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AND sometimes SOMEONE of YOUR REAL FRIENDS may SEE what you just don't yet...<br />
btw...................... aren't you that FUNGIRLMMM with the "rose colored glasses", lol,<br />
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Honey... some people HAVE TO GET WHAT's DUE TO 'em: "OUT!!!"<br />
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On another thought... what is the weather like there...<br />
I can hardly wait to be In THE ARMS of My SUNSHINE!!! My AUTUMN!!! xo

I never give up on my true friends.

Yes, I am very much in love. <br />
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TRL, A PM is coming your way lol.

I'm a little confused on what you're asking. Are you refering to staying friends with someone even though one of you may have deeper feelings than the other? If so, I would agree with you as long as the person with those feelings is strong enough to withstand the pained feelings of being the only one in love.

So you're the one in love trying to regain contact?