My Honest Thought

Besides the argument of deities, of course we're not alone with our respective gods (or goddesses), there is the argument of aliens. Erm... I have a hard time believing in little green men, personally. BUT, I am not so arrogant to think that we are the only lifeforms in this universe. No, there are planets, solar systems, that we have never discovered yet. There may be many parallel universes, that we have no clue of. In fact, it's very probable. :-)

So, to think that ours is the only life giving galaxy, is a bit assuming and arrogant. BUT... I just can't believe in twisted formations of creatures, who visit the earth in crafts, and abduct people and cattle for experiments. No, I think aliens would look much like humans, but only a few variants to adapt to the environments of their part of the galaxy. And I wouldn't think they would need to experiment on us or even visit us, for that matter. Especially, if they are believed to be more advance than us!

So, what are UFO's? Well... I really do think they are a government project, special technology for war, which they really don't want the public or their enemy countries to know about.

Hey, that's my conspiracy theory! =p

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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I also agree up the conspiracy part :P I don't believe in alien UFOs but I also find it hard to believe that they are government technologies. Who knows though! Its funny how little we know about beyond our own planet.

I agreed with you right up until your UFO theory or rather conspiracy. As for UFO's - not far from here is a landing zone for the UK's UFO's - Bacup(so there are many in the UK who swear they exist).