Well Not Most People ..

I think if you love your work and it is your passion then it does in part define you.

But most people I know are not passionate about their work and they would give it up in a jiffy if they were able to

I would for sure ...


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7 Responses Oct 17, 2008

Very good Tasmin. I love accounting but can do many other things. I'd love to be an Office Manager running the admin side of a business or even an Executive Secretary making sure the company officer was on time and all the duties of his/her office ran smoothly.<br />
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Course they would have the level of pay that my current one does, but they'd be a happy change of pace.

Yes, woo -- flexibility and stamina are two key requirements for survival. I am blessed with a liberal education, and a few other survival tools I've picked up along the way.

juann1966, I think that's what employers want. It locks us to them, until they don't want us, particularly in any field of technology.<br />
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My way to overcome that is to show I can adapt to other things.

Good point, Woo. One thing that I've noticed is that the longer I stay in my line of work, and in my field, the less I know of other work, and the harder it is to change fields of work. Specialization is the way of our times.

That is a very good point .. people who are too much defined by their jobs <BR><BR>I know a farmer who is in his late eighties, he is still very active and drives his tractor, sees to the cows and hay etc. But when the day comes he can no longer do that, I think he will just die of unhappiness as he has no other interests at all .

I enjoy my work and I'm committed to my job. But I know the job won't last forever, the writing's on the wall.<br />
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My boss will remain a friend, and I will go on to enjoy a new job to commit to, or create one. <br />
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It saddens me to see so many unsure what to do with themselves when they retire as they have become their jobs.

Excellent observation, Tasmin. I happen to be among those that are lacking passion for their line of work. A long time ago, I took up the career with the idea that it would be alright since the career doesn't define who I am.