I Hope Not!

I guess some people would like to be defined by their job, if they had a cool one, like "Secret Agent" or "Astronaut". But for me, I have no desire to be defined by my job. Even though it pays well and is convenient with my anxiety disorder (I get to work at home, instead of the office), it's boring and not all that impressive. :-/

I do Database Entry for a National Credentialing Board. Basically, I sit in front of a computer and copy the info of the clients, from their applications, into the network computer database. It useful for the company, and needed, but not very impressive. And I wouldn't want to be defined as being so bland as that! =p

No, I'm a lot creative and interesting than a steady rhythm of typing in a name, contact info, and certification serial numbers. So, no... I am not defined by my job. ;-)

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1 Response Mar 12, 2009

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