Or Trained

It makes me sick when wild animals are trained to do stupid ******* tricks for people who are complete ignorant morons who dont give a **** what conditions these animals are being kept in or how much they are degraded by doing these stunts...really sickens me. And they should most defianetely NOT be pets!!!!!!! WISE UP PEOPLE !!!! 

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

You are wrong in every sense of the word Indy Joe there is a reason they are called wild animals removed from their natural inviroment kept from showing natural behavior due to artificial inviroment and cruel mistreatment. We have no right to mistreat any animals be they wild or domisticated. There is no excuse for animal abuse and exploitation.

If you dont want people to comment (and some will disagree with you whether you like it or not), then you shouldnt write any stories.

Actually....if youre referring to something like the circus....those animals are NOT wild. They were born and raised in captivity. Also the "abuse" that is often portrayed is a rare occurance that has been blown way out of proportion to further activist's agendas. In reality these animals are much better off than they would be in the wild....they couldnt survive because they would be attacked and killed by their own kind (or other predators they are not used to and instinctually defensive of). They also would be vulnerable to poachers and other human endangerment due to loss of habitat or whatever. I agree that the cases of abuse and neglect must be stopped, but domestic animals (dogs, cats, household pets, farm livestock,etc) are actually mistreated more often than any of the "wild" animals you see in a circus or zoo. I know I'll catch hell from animal rights activists over this....but the truth is the truth.