It Isn`t In There Nature

when pepole do this ,they are not considering the fact that these are wild animals,not pets.that what they are doing goes agaist the animals nature.far to often they only realize this after traggedy.wild animals are not pets ,nor are they children.they can and as they become older put there owner`s life in jepoardy.leave them in the wild!

ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
1 Response Mar 13, 2009

I knew somebody who had a deer and of course named him Bambi. Bambi was the biggest pain in the butt you ever saw and was downright dangerous. I like most animals but I ended up having to give him some hard kicks in the ribs to make him understand I wanted him to stay away from me. They told me that he really went crazy when women on their periods were around him. I am a pacifist and vegetarian, but after my short acquaintance with Bambi I was about ready to have me some venison.