Don't Tell Me To Forget

I can only admire him from afar cause i'm just too far from being good enough.
i can only keep his face, words, and my memories with him in my mind.
i can only wonder why i had to be in love this way and why it has to hurt like this.
i can only ask myself why my heart can't stop calling out his name and get no answer at all.
i can only blame myself for keeping this feeling to stay the same, for being so helpless.
i can only feel happy when sadness also fills my breath, i can only watch how the bliss collides with sorrow every single day in silent.
i can only miss him and say nothing while the world's ignoring my screaming voices.
i can only show smile to make me feel strong and pretend i don't remember the pains.
i can only pretend to feel no love and take emptiness to be my eternal prisoner.
StandUpAndFight StandUpAndFight
22-25, F
Jan 9, 2013