I am in pain. I don't think one story will be able to encompass the hurt that I am feeling about certain things. Family, friends, love... It only hurts more because there is no one to talk to. Its like I am screaming at the top of my lungs and no one even looks up.
lostmemories lostmemories
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Same here!!
I get often depressed and upset and insecure about my family and love!!i've had friend who never stood by my side though I was for them truly in their times of sorrow!!may god be with you and may you never have problems!good luck to you!:)

its true, ull be suprised to know how many people feel the same way even the one you know, it just that people dont share their pain because they are afraid of being judged, but cryiyn and talking to someone about it helps, i like to talk to stranges because they dont know me so i feel free and relaxed to to share, jsyt go shoping , buy something new and nice, go tho the movies, it always make me feel better

Thanks to you all for the kind words

ahh ...we all r strong enuf. u dont need anyone to give u sympathy. do u?? just cry out loud...u will feel a lot betr. <br />
nd then fcuk people who messed up thngs for u :)


Good suggestions Miracle Whip, and take care lost memories!

there are more people out their who feel like this trust me, since i battle with it 2 i kno, i feel like it really is never going to get better, just gotta cope with it, and to do that i have 2 let everything out, either 2 myself when im alone at night or to friend, songs that match your feelings also are helpful 2 atleast 4 me

hey sweetheart...this pain is not will be happy soon...loads of hugs...