Because I don't let it on just HOW much I am hurting, I feel like that is not a good idea to do, because it gives people a chance to get in, and a chance to try and get close to you, and that is not a good thing, because in the end, people just use that to hurt you in the end. I am purely speaking from experience here, so I know its not all in my head, but this is why I keep my distance from people, and why I don't let people always know just HOW bad I am hurting.

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Being single really hurts I know I am single and going through a divorce with a women that never loved me

It's not in your head. No matter how much we are good and are good to others, sadly many times people take advantage of this. This hurts. Leaves scars afterwards. I am sorry you have been hurt this way. I understand that keeping your distance is a way to protect yourself. I do the same. In the end the hurt still lingers. Hang in there. Just sometimes it is really taking second by second.

Im sorry :(