Congratz You Know How I Feel! What Are You Gonna Do Now Though?

i have been cutting myself and been going through depression for over 4 months.
my friends know im going through i tough time.
i try to look happy but its hard to be happy when they keep asking me why i look sad, if im ok, why im not happy ect.
its like congratz you can see i feel like sh** what are you going to do now?
they dont realise how much it hurts to live my life. if i tell them why im sad, they dont know what to say.
all they do is tell me that i look sad, and ofcourse i look sad if everyone keeps telling me that.
what do they accomplish???
i wish they could just try to make everyone have a good time, because they dont know what im going through everyday.
heartwolf heartwolf
13-15, F
Jun 16, 2011