"nothing Hurts More Than Unreturned Love"

There's this girl I'm talking to, I think I let my guard down since she sort of distanced me from her a bit. I guess through my actions I gave her an overwhelming feeling of my attraction to her. She's a virgin and claims to be gay, but she tells me that she wants to try being in a relationship with a guy. Usually I never try to get too close to virgins because I'm afraid of the possibility of me settling with them, taking their virginity, and breaking up. I'd end up being the guy that ****** them over. With her, I don't fear that. There's so much more that makes her special to me than the mere fact that she's a girl. I'm not afraid that after having sex there would be that feeling of nothingness. Just talking with her is enough. I feel like sunshine and rainbows shoot out her ***, she is dearly beautiful to me. I just wish she could feel the same about me.
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

First off, don't tell yourself the reason she became distant was b/c you let your guard down too much. Maybe she didn't want to be in a relationship purely because of the fact that she was a virgin. Your assuming your the reason for her distance, which is unhealthy.

Last time I saw her she was seeing someone :-/

I just realized this was written over a year ago. Do you still have feelings for her? If she moved on, so should you.

I'm very human around her

Around, I've stopped talking to her as much though