Im Sorry

i am tired of my life sucking more and more each day. i dnt what to do anymore. i am tired of putting a fake smilie up everyday i am tired of ignoring the fact that i am never gonna be what my parents wanted. and i just hate me. i mean everytime i get in trouble its i went through this with ur sister and i and not standing for it now. and u know what i am ******* sick and tired of hearing it cuz i know im not perfect i know i am the daughter they never wanted. i just dnt know anymore. today i got an in school suspention and then i got home and my mom said private school next year and she was serious. they said it would give me a better education but u know what it wasnt my education that was the problem it was my behavior and i shouldnt get sent to private school for fooling around in the hall way. so i am done i am dropping everyone i dnt care who u are i just cnt take it anymore and i cnt stand there and talk to u and make a promise to there forever when i cnt.all i can say is that i love all of u and im srry.
charlesdd charlesdd
13-15, F
2 Responses May 9, 2012

what do u need to talk about

call me asap

i cant call u i dnt got my phone

charlise message me right now! i need to talk to you..