To You...

I was happy,
You weren't,
I smiled when I was around you,
You frowned,
I ment my feelings,
You didn't,
I found out the secret,
You just kept doing it,
I tried to forgive you,
You were hoping that I would,
I accepted his marriage proposal,
You texted him,
I yelled at you,
You surrendered,
I ran for good,
You felt depressed,
I got married,
You stayed alone,
I felt joyful kicks from the little one,
You were still alone,
I looked at your page,
You posted a status that I believe is about me,
I feel sad but tough ****,
I have moved on but my feelings will never truly leave.
IvannaQuinn IvannaQuinn
2 Responses May 15, 2012

Good for you to have the courage to move on. It can be so difficult to be in a one sided relationship. It hurts so much when two people are moving apart.

We have all been disappointed in it mutual or not. Thanks for sharing yourself and your feelings. You have described just how many trully feel...but never let it out.