Why Does The Some People Come In Our Life??

In our life i always used to say every why has not answered,these is one of the why.. Nobody can answered some of you start to think and compared with your life experiences
I would like to share my incident...Before two months i as usual i checked my social site log .i came into contact with one simple girl then we increase our contact,exxhange our numbers i have no any bad intentions on her i m looking for lifetime friendship with her ...she made drastic change in my life.. Those were beautiful days .... but then after i came to know she is in relationship with another guy i really felt jealous on him...but what can i do ??? nothing na...but beacause of that matter she helps me lot in my various working assignment..so much thanks to her.. but question is still remain that why does the people come in our life an left us behind...i think so that may be written in our destiny, god sent them just to learn something from them and give them chance to make our life remarkable....So dont be hurted ny friends these is my kind advice to you, let accpect whatever life ruled beacause everything happened is depends upon the god so leave eveything on him....
ashu4569 ashu4569
18-21, M
May 16, 2012