In Time

Over long months of keeping myself occupied in other things and not my social life I noticed how far apart we have gotten.I tell myself that it's just a phase in life.I tell myself that it will be okay.We keep saying that no matter what we will always be best friends.We say that we are going to travel the world and be stupid together.When in reality we treat others more as best friends than we do each other.Sadly you don't notice it.Sadly I guess you don't care enough to come and ask me what's wrong.You don't notice how much it hurts inside.It's real easy to put a smile on my face but I can't even look at you without breaking down in tears.Have you ever wondered why that is?You don't realize that deep inside all I want is you there again.Just like old times,because now a days it hurts too much.
Jenna1225 Jenna1225
22-25, F
Jun 11, 2012