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My boyfriend and I have been together for just about a year...he has 2 boys that are both 2 (yes 2 different baby mammas....and I have 4 kids a set of twins that are 16, boy age 7 and another boy age 5. Ok that is a handful of folks already. Well we have made it through so far. Just recently I find out that one of boyfriends babysitters for his 2 his ex...not a baby mamma just a random ex girlfriend that apparently still wants to be with him. I work full time and so does he. My teenagers are doing there tteenager thing so they really don't want to be stuck babysitting (besides they already have there lil brothers in the home) so MY DILEMMA IS SHOULD I BE OK WITH THIS EX GIRLFRIEND WATCHING HIS KIDS??? Kepp in mind this ex does not want to meet me person to person and does not want me to know where she lives??? What is she hiding I'mo conused and on top of that he respects her wishes and has basically disregarded my thoughts or feelings on the situation...cause he says its nothing?? SHEESH PLEASE HELP WITH COMMENTS/THOUGHTS/ADVICE
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Personally if it was me, I wouldn't be hiring my man's ex as a babysitter. Plus, by law, if you are hiring her, you have to have all her details and have the right to meet the woman who is taking care of your kids while you are at work, regardless of her past relationship with your ex. So my advice would be. Ask for a police check, get her personal details, meet her face to face, or fire her. At the end of the day, you know nothing about this woman. If anything happens to your kids, you have nowhere to send the police to. You couldn't give them an address or her full name or what she looks like. Wake up hun, your kids are far more important than your man and what his ex is doing. Those kids are yours, men.. they come and go. Relationships won't work if you accept this decisions. Stand up for what you want and for your kids. Otherwise you got no security and your kids are at risk. Best of luck hun. [No I don't have kids, but this is personally what I would do]

PLUS!! Self respect hun. I know it's easier said than done, but if you don't respect you, noone else will. xxx