A Lesson In Love And Healing

I'm a very spiritual person and not religious. I don't subscribe to any singular belief, however I do know something about pain. Hurting so much that every second of life feels unbearable. Once more I know what it's like to hide that pain so others don't worry about you. Yes depression isn't fun. Neither is ending it all. This lesson is about healing :)

Life is painful. That's nothing new. Many people experience stress and hardship, some more than others. But remember that it isn't what is happening, just that a person is hurting. More often then not people get wrapped up in who's pain is more legitimate and that isn't important or the issue. The biggest issue of all is that the person is living in pain rather than healing it. So how do you heal the pain?

Healing is easy once you realize what you're healing. What caused this pain and why does it hurt? The healing generally starts here, when you can identify the issue you can contemplate alternative ways to understand it. Maybe it's not as bad as you are making it out to be, maybe even holding onto old wounds because you don't know anything but the feelings it brings, or even letting go feels like you're losing something. The truth is, you are only losing the pain and if you give yourself the chance to, you will learn that holding onto that pain was keeping you from being happy, moving forward, and growing as a person.

So what if you can't identify the cause? You just hurt and can't tell why. It might be that you need to go back and reexamine things. There might be something you're missing or maybe in denial about. The human mind is very powerful and very capable of throwing up defense mechanisms. If you're experiencing this kind of pain, professionally trained people exist to help you. If you've been to a therapist and it's not helping, you may be holding back.

That was a huge problem for me. I would hold back some things and my therapist wouldn't be able to properly help me. I mostly held back because I believed no one who wanted to get paid wanted to help me. This is an excuse and a rather ignorant one. If they didn't want to help people, they never would have gotten into this profession. There are... exceptions... but you don't have to stick with one person if it isn't working.

The absolute most important thing in healing this pain, is WANTING to heal it. That can be the hardest thing but it is the most necessary. You also must learn to love yourself. Loving yourself is paramount to healing and staying happy. If you can't love yourself, problems will continuously present themselves or resurface. Now for some things you can do to help you think and feel more positively. What do you like? Try incorperating things like that into your life more frequently.

Surround yourself with positivity. Thoughts and feelings are contagious. If you're around people you love and who love you, you'll feel more positively. As long as you are all happy and doing things you enjoy, it can have a powerful effect on your mentality. The same is true with the opposite. Fear spreads fear, love spreads love.

Get your body moving and be physically healthy. Keeping physically active can help keep you motivated and feeling great. If your body image is a problem than getting healthy and in shape is a good way to heal! No one can make you do this but you so get up and start movin!

Overall, states of consciousness are within your control. Rise up to the highest you can be and live with love and happiness in your heart. Life can be a wonderful thing if you choose to see it that way. ^_^

Safe journey fellow travelers <3
Namaste ^_^
SamsTaxiDerby12 SamsTaxiDerby12
22-25, M
Sep 11, 2012