Two Hearts

Well it's more so something i wrote today. just have been looking back on my most recent failed relationship. Sad part is this was the one I wanted to last. But i made my fair share of mistakes from so much pain I have dealt with before her. I wish she would see that my darkness and depressions wasn't from her. Just something I never really felt was an issue. Until now. and yes I have gotten myself to see a psychologist because I wanna get through all this and let it be a distant memory of my past. But damn i miss her everyday. I wish things didn't go as they did. but i feel this is appropriate here about feeling hurt....

A connection that still isn’t broken
A love that will remain for an unknown time
Moving on never seemed it had to be an option
Hurt that nothing nut time can heal
When two hearts have to break ways

The start of something that seemed amazing
Everything seemed to come naturally
It was never a question if the feelings were real
Slight looks and smiles that lasted forever
When two hearts meet

A promise to take things slowly
So much hurt and pain inside both hearts
Ones pain so recent, afraid to love another
The others runs so deep, never letting people too close
When two hearts begin connecting

Everything seems so right
Hands naturally holding the others. A perfect fit
Countless hugs and kisses that never seem to end
Arms feeling an emptiness when the other isn’t in them
When two hearts have bonded

Something seems off, neither can pinpoint it
The tension slowly replaces the laughter
Neither is right in the others eyes, everything done is wrong
Arguments constant. The laughter has died
When two hearts lose each other

So many words said in frustration and anger
“I’m sorry.” has never passed his lips so much
“But does he really mean it?” she wonders
“Will the man I love return from this?” she prays
When her heart is unsure

So much silence and short answers
“I just can’t believe you anymore.” is all he hears
“Why can’t she hear what I have to say?” he questions
“Where did I go wrong?” he screams to God
When his heart is full of fear

She wants nothing but the best for him
She feels it is her fault for his sadness
He wants her to be happy. To just see her smile again
He blames everything but himself for his actions
These two hearts are breaking

The decision was made. The end arrives
A few last days as a “couple”. Finishing plans already made
Both feeling awkward, but hands still finding the others
Haring a last kiss. Neither expecting it. But nor fighting it
Two hearts that still desire each other

There is still hope for a future chance
She is calm and collected. Her focus is on sorting out her life
He completely loses it and reaches rock bottom
But for him, this was a long time in the works
One heart strong. The other in turmoil

His words a brutal attack. No longer loving
Her words few and far between. She no longer listens to him
His verbal attacks are based from his broken mind. He wishes he could take them back
Her words cut him deeply as he continues in his rage
Two hearts lost sight of love

“Leave me alone! Goodbye!” the last thing she says
“I will,, don’t worry. Goodbye!” he says
“I will never be there to help you again, I will not be around!”
Those words still haunting him
When two hearts have broken each other

A connection that still isn’t broken
A love that will remain for an unknown time
Moving on is now the only option
Hurt that is slowly fading as the time passes
When two hearts are no longer one

seuer seuer
26-30, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

please don't mind the spelling errors. I just wrote from my heart and my typing skills aren't that great. hahaha gotta find the laughs where you can :)