I Miss My Babu<3

My boyfriend of a month breaks up with me just three days ago because he says he doesn't feel the ''love'' feeling anymore kinda thing.(he's exact words). We're both 15 and I know we're too young to truly know what love is. I like him a lot and he's my first boyfriend and my first kiss. He's a lot of my firsts and I'am a lot of his.

I think its my fault that he feels that way. I know I have been constantly texting him a lot and spamming him and stuff. But I want to change. I've not texted him for these 3 days. Everytime I think about that gorgeous boy, I 'd snap a rubberband against my wrist. You should see the marks on it now.

I want us to get back together. He's really sweet and kind to me. Any tips on how I should go about asking his forgiveness and asking him to come back to me? I know one thing for sure, I'am NOT begging, pleading, screaming, whining, acting the spoilt little *****. Please help. I don't want to lose this boy.
StarsxSunsets StarsxSunsets
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2012