Im Sooo Lost

pls help so man left me witout even a note. i cant sleep imso lost and lonely.i want to die. i dont know what to do to get him back.he said he doesnt love me anymore
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i am going through the same thing, my boyfriend just left me less than 2 weeks ago, already he is with someone else. He wont talk to me he acts like i dont exsist, we were together for 3 yrs. I loved this man like i have never loved before, and now i am hurting like never before. He has no job, no money we lost our house now he is living in a camper outside his friends trailer and is sleeping with someone else in our sheets, that hurts. i wotship this man and dont know why, he was my world, my best friend, now i am so lost i dnt know what to do, idont even have any friends to talk to, he was my only friend, my everything. what do i do?

Truth is as men we love challenges, desperation is a huge turn off for a guy. find yourself, work out often, then spoil yourself with the best things you can afford, respect yourself more and most importantly fall in love with yourself first. Be you and live for you.,, if you kill yourself, you kill the chances of ever finding someone else that you would love and love you back. or he could see the new you that doesnt even care about him anymore and be challenged to get you back.

I truly know how that feels. My girlfriend has not been in contact for 9 weeks, no break up speech/ texts nothing.
You have closure and have been set free to find hapiness with someone else! he may come back or he may not but the important thing is to love you and concentrate on what makes you happy. For all the people that are hurting don't worry their will be a brighter day in the future when you're content, stay strong and never be bitter.

Indeed. There's really no such thing as "I don't love you anymore." srp, your pain proves it. If he can say that and just walk away, then he never did. Your heart is pure, nurture it with grief and you'll be fine eventually. But your love is true, comfort yourself with that. You'll know what you have to offer next time is precious and also know you deserve no less in return. Hell, I'm planning to head for the nearest hill to set up my Man-Cave and live like a hermit and I still love my wife now and would take a bullet for her. And yes, I still love the ones before whom I have also lost. All of them are memories to me now, no less precious to me than when we were together and deeply under each others' spells.
Talk to us some more.

You poor thing. That was really painful to read, your hurt sounds really raw right now. Welcome. I'm fairly new too, there are good people here. A lot of us are hurting too. I sure am. Let's help each other. Talk it out.

Stay strong, sometimes when the worse has happened, you should take it as a opportunity, when you feel that things can not get worse, its a moment in time, that you can change all things to make your life what you wish. We humans like things to be routine, and sometimes routine stops us from finding who we really can be....