I Tried So Hard To Love You

You and I had so much passion together when we first met. I shared with you all of my hopes and dreams and you told me you were going to be the girl that would love and support me and make me forget everyone who ever hurt me.

Now today we break up and I feel so betrayed by you. I gave you everything you wanted. We laughed and cried together the last 2 years. We were doing so good in life. And yet you would bring up all the bad times in the 2 years. And every time a new bad time happened you brought up every past one. You reminded me every day how imperfect of a person I was and constantly tried to change who I am. All of my friends and family tell me I am better off without you and how happy I am going to be. Not one time did we ever accomplish any of the goals in my life because we were always to busy trying to keep you happy. And every time I thought we got what you wanted and could now work on me you came up with five more things you wanted. In the end you say you are leaving me to find yourself. Honestly I don't know what that means. I don't know how I am ever going to love again either.

How can I ever trust a girl to tell me she loves me every day then one day breaks up with me and leaves?

Tonight I sleep alone and its going to hurt not having you there to hold.
denverguy denverguy
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

i hope u are better now.

I am ok! My heart is broken still and I still have confusion going on but I am working hard and doing my best to be positive about the future!

Is sad that u still feeling this way. :(

Thank you, I do feel sad about the situation. I know in time though I will heal and be ok. Might even be foolish enough to find someone new in the future who knows. lol :)