I Am In Areally Dark Place

I loved this man so much, it was like he had some kind of spell on me, i have never loved so intensely in life, and i have loved alot. 2 weeks ago he told me to leave that he was no longer happy, but he still loves me. Last thursday i drive by our house and he has packed up everything he owns and some things i own and left, no note no call or text. Yesterday he shows up with a truck and a ton of people to take as much as he could, one of those people he brought to our house was his new girlfriend, except he wants to b a coward and try to deny it, trust me they are together, im not blind. This man was my world, my best friend, my lover, he was my religion, i was always loyal and devoted to him, treated him so good and just like that hes gone and has moved on. I am so lost and empty, it feels like i will never wake up and want to have alife, it feels so helpless. Everyone says time will heal, well it doesnt feel like it. I JUST WANT HIM BACK, but i know hes gone!!!!!!!!!!!
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2 Responses Dec 9, 2012

I am so sorry you have to experience this. Having a broken heart stinks. Try to keep yourself busy. It really does help get your mind off him. In time, things will get better.
Best wishes.

Time does heal but time does not take it away. Im sure a scare will remain. Just keep pressing forward.