well i have been dateing this guy for about 2 years now me and him were amazng together untill i was in 10th grade this other guys showed up an he was the nicest guy u will ever meet he talks to u how u would want to be talked to!!! me and my boyfriend were haveing problems becuase of his dads death so we broke up for a couple of weeks but when he told me it was over i just died inside i didnt even do anything i just felt like nothing o i started cutting and the other guy came and talked to me about how to deal with things and he was realy werid but in a good way he was the most funnyest guy i have ever meet i didnt no he liked me at the time but then me and the guy got back together i was sooo happy i thought things woud go back to the way things were intill i had a strong feelin for the other guy to and he even had more of a strong feelings for me like he said that he loved me that kinda scare me and so me and my boyfriend were still together but me and the other guy were still talking flurting haveing fun but nothin bad and then guy keeps asking me the same question over and over again 'when r u braking up with your boyfriend' and i dont even no how that came up .... i mean who said i was braking up with him but as days went on things got worse this has been going on for 3 months now and to this vary day he wants me to give him a chance but i love my boyfriend so much that i dont want to lose him i think my problem is i want my bf and i need the other guy? im not sure if that is why but long story short two guys r fighting over me and i love one but i like another idk if i should be happy i just need help idk what i should do plz :(
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well thanks guys things are going great:) i new what i wanted and i got it and now i have never been happyer :)

leave the both of them until you can get yourself back together again, no matter what choice you make, its not going to come out the weay you want it, so think about yourself and your santity

girl what u should do it stay with the guy u love maybe the other guy is supposed to be a friend like a best guy friend these feelings u have for him might not be the one ur thinking of just tell him u just want to be friends for now and if u still like him in that way then u should go with wat ur hearts says