To Four Of My Exes....

Before I start I have to exclude my ex-fiance from this painful statement. He's still a friend. I had hoped to include my recent ex, but...

Dear you,
It was always about you and -us-, never about me. You'd say the sweetest, most romantic **** or completely ignore me. You'd buy me gifts only to tear me apart. Romance is bull, unless it's shown from the mind. A dozen roses and some wine is just material...but you never registered my requests for it to stop.

When I asked you to share your life, the answers came in survey format. Not once did you share any fact within a normal conversation. I like mystery and learning things in a fun way. As a special school graduate, formatted lives make me feel literally retarded and inhibited from being myself.

I'm hurt and I always will be. I bear my scars proudly but you never showed yours. I trusted and lost....and I am slowly getting used to the fact that I may be single forever. I am shutting off now.

Kindly erase yourself.
TheWomanWhoDid TheWomanWhoDid
Jan 19, 2013