Feeling Depressed Today

Where is everybody today? :/ Im all alone. Ive been feeling this way a lot lately. Maybe its because I dont really seem to have all my feelings in order since my ex. Ive been getting crushes on women again, which is good, but they come and go. Ive realized no one really knows me anymore. Ive lost all my close friends, so I dont have anyone that really understands how I feel, or how I can get. I talk to people and I feel like I have to wear a mask. To make them believe Im okay because Im trying so hard to be. To please them so they'll accept me and I can be myself with someone.. I just wish I had someone who I could talk to and feel like they were totally interested in me, but thats hard to come by lately..
Sasuke276 Sasuke276
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I feel this way sometimes. I think I went through a depression last winter due to being lonely and feeling like no one understood how I felt.

I can get really lonely sometimes really quickly.. Its kind of pathetic :/ But Ive never been able to change it. I just cant stand being alone.

It's not pathetic.

Well, I'm here if you just wanna talk ;)