Dated a guy for 3 years, we got married, divorced continued together, got pregnant, lost baby. We fought often, he called me names, hit me, slapped me,chocked me in a few ocassions, but denied it, made me sound crazy. Would check out other women on fb all the time behind my back and hid his internet history. He didn't work for the last two years, stayed home all day, but wouldn't help with any chores or pay any bills. He only left the house to go to gym for an hour. Smoked weed daily. But still said he loved me. Towards the end, sex was less and not good. He said is because I gained weight and he wasn't turned on. We fought and broke up the day I was having a biopsy. He moved out while I was at doctors. He said I was fat and there were too many women out there. I feel so sad and broken. He was so horrible to me. Can anyone tell me why I'm still sad? Why I think of him?
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I was with my ex for 2.5 years and she sounds like the female equivalent of your ex. Finally finished with her a year ago and I still think of her very, very often - too blooming often to be honest!! Don't know why but I think both of us must feel like we invested so much into the relationship and were lied to so much, it became a way if life to us both and we, stupidly, accepted it. Say this after me, "I am a great person with so much love to give. I expect and deserve so much better". Believe in yourself and stay strong. Thanks.

Thank u for ur reply! We deserved better. Have u ever heard from her again? Was there any karma that u know of?

I heard from her up until March 2014, then it stopped. I then received a message from a bloke on Facebook, sent to me in Dec 2013 but which I didn't receive until April 2014, telling me that he had been 'f'ing her since March 2012'. I was shocked to say the least. He also wished me a painful, lingering death!! Great bloke, huh?!!
I strongly believe in karma and she told me, not long after we split up, that her gran who she loved very much had died - she wasn't ill so far as I know and my ex was heartbroken. She later told me that her father, who she worships, had been diagnosed with progressive Alzimers Disease. Don't know if it's karma at play or not but I wouldn't have wished either on her. What about yourself?

We just recently broke up. I heard from him two weeks later. Did not reply. I guess I'll have to wait and see.