You drive such passion in me that I love. Gets me through the tough times and makes the sweet ones sweeter. But sometimes it's hard to think about something other than you. Try taking exams going over intense insurance law while your beautiful eyes stare at me from my sweetest memories. That's a challenge.

I get anxious at the thought of the next time I get to be near you. To kiss you. To hold you and take in a deep breath of your intoxicating scent. My life sometimes seems like a sideproject when you're not involved. Like sitting in a waiting room with 'Better Homes & Gardens', reading it because there isn't anything better to do while trying to be patient with Dr. V. (no pun intended)

You make life just plain peachy. I will gladly dance in the rain with you, write music for you and rub out every sore muscle you ever get. I'll get your favorite breakfast every morning for you. I'll make sure to be there for you when you need to cry.

I want to be your everything, and I'll politely try to steal your kisses till you can't stand me or your heart hears my voice. My vision is clear and all I see is you.


UriahTravers UriahTravers
26-30, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2009

OMG! That is so adorable. All of those things sound so amazing. Best wishes to you :)