Last Night....

...I was thinking too much. So I did something a little not very me. I logged off of here, and drove 30 miles to get a hug. I know it's not far, for you people that live in huge countries. But it's further and much worse knowing that the person you want to be with is so close.

So I went and got a hug, had a cup of tea, fell asleep, then drove back home this morning.

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10 Responses Feb 11, 2009

How sweet :)

Very good stuff

Smart girl. Your own happiness is your job - people grow old and vanish waiting for others to bring them happiness. You knew what you needed, you got down to business and got it for yourself! You go, buster!

Jaded, come her, you big chump, and give me a hug!<br />
There, was that so terribly dreadful?

She moooooves slowly.

Hopefully you'll get over the "shock" of having to go a whole 30 mi. (sheesh) and start putting some more hugs and sweet nights into your life. :)

VERRRRY romantic, le0n!

this is definetely very sweet!-good for you!

Only 30 miles! When I do that, I'm still in the same city!<br />
<br />
There, see, you were waiting for somebody to say it.

Awwwwww! Sweet!