You Dont.

Quest for heaven!


My eyes set upon her,

It felt,


Like a blooming rose,

Like a poet’s dream

Like the sun’s first ray,

Like a free stag in a forest,

Like a moonlit night,

Like a soft whisper,

Like a candle lit in the dark corner of the room…


My eyes set upon her,

It felt,


Like a dancing peacock,

Like a silky thread

Like the fairy rule,

Like the twists of the ivy

Like the life of the colors,

Like the melody of birds,

Like the cool breeze flows in with a pleasant smell.


My eyes set upon her,

It felt,


Like I knew what heaven would be like.




You dont realize it, do you? For all the sleepless nights and the hallucinating days that I spend surrounded by you, for all the mornings and evenings I think of you, for all the noons and midnight that leave me wondering, that I do know what heaven is like!


Floydian Floydian
26-30, M
5 Responses Feb 20, 2009


yes its likemagic and im so happy for both of you!


Thank you! :-)

Its not about her loving it, its about her realizing...