I Agree.....

Some people are just really arent aware how much they've inspired us, how much they make our lives so worthwhile...  I've couple of similar experiences in real life but it was only recently that I realized,  it could happen with online relationships...

I've met a lady friend online and we just found ourselves clicking with each other.  Now we're bestfriends and I'm gonna be seeing her soon personally.

Similarly,  I've met a guy, shared experiences, we have common interests, we also became net bestfriends....  and really these two people have a tremendous effect on me...  A day without them isn't a day.  They make my life so complete.

I am so thankful I've met them.  I love them so much!!!

chinadoll2552 chinadoll2552
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1 Response Feb 20, 2009

yeah, exactly, the secret i think is just by being true and we'll get the same in return....*smile*