Calm it down just a little, cuz there's no rush.

I'm not mentioning any names but I have warned 'you' by writing stories about this.. I ave even metioned a few times.. and YES I DO realise that I've been acting awfully friendly too..  but when I do it, I get to make excuses as to why it's ok.. I like tell myself it's ok, cuz there's like a dozen girls I act this way with.. but really I don't..  i probably would, given the right encouragement..  I actually NEED to get close with more people so that I'm not in a 'pair' all the time. I have ended-up in a 'pair' on here before, and I think I was the last one to notice. I need to keep from doing that, or i will, against my will, develop feelings that will suddenly surprise you.. I know your just having fun and enjoying being friends, but my heart is difficult to control. I am having fun being friends too. I don't wanna spoil it.

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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

*lol* You don't think I could've meant YOU do you? :0<BR>*llol* It's all cool, don't worry! I'm actually having a great time. <BR>I'm writing this story sooner-rather-than-later, that's all. It's not about anyone, honest! =P