They See What You Dont

Because of you I now I find it difficult to get help; you offered to help me but then slammed the door on my face. I seen you as caring and open, which Im sure you are but you'll never understand the mistake you made of closing that door. Lots of people lost respect for you that day.

FastLaneC3 FastLaneC3
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1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Whoa . . . that's not so good.<br />
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Word of thought. First you won't believe how bad my childhood was. It was more mental than physical, but either way, I finally got it later on in life that no one can help me to find the answers. Some may guide, but no one can fully help, because they have their own lives and own agenda's, and so that is how it is.<br />
Even Shrinks don't solve your problems. They dig for truth, then guide you into self-discovery, and then they suggest ideas, to which you must choose what you will take with you and what to leave on the table.<br />
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Over time it will be you who will over come the obstacles in your life.<br />
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However I will say this: It is very helpful for you to address these challenges and issues to people who are willing to listen and care, as it helps dilute the poison that a wound tends to hold. The more it is brought to light, the less power it has over you, till you just get sick of carrying it around with you and you start to unload that burden once and for all.<br />
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Trust me on this. This is the Golden Path.