It's Not That Easy.

I don't think you really know how it feels to have this much weight on my shoulders. You keep telling me that I have such a great life and I can do anything I want.

I'm in debt. I have student loans to repay. I have $25 in my wallet and I have nothing to eat for the rest of the month! I'm stressed to the point of depression. And on top of that...

You're my best friend... I want to be in pictures with you. I am so tired of seeing all of my other friends (who you don't even like, as you say) in your online profile pictures. When I say it, you call me "jealous" and "stupid". When I'm sad, I want you to tell me that it'll be alright. And the one time I come out and say this to you, you tell me, "You know I'm not a sympathetic person." Right... you've been there for our other friends, I'm the one who has done everything for you and I've been here for you for four years.

I don't think you know how hard it is for me to be happy right now.

hellolife hellolife
18-21, F
Sep 27, 2009