Hell No!

People who are interested in ****** is not only ******* sick, but messed up in the damn head, that is by far the WORST thing in the world. I think murder isn't even as bad as commiting ******, becuase at least with murder, you kill someone, so they don't haved to go through the emotional damage that ****** leaves! its messed up!

Okay, as someone who has been sexually abused, and molested by my OWN father, this kind of crap triggers me like hell!!!!!!

If you are Intrested in having sex with your son or you parents, you need some damn help! And also know, that if you come to my profile, and tell me this ****, I WILL be reporting you to EP, and if EP doesn't take any actions on this, I will!!!!

This **** is WRONG, and above all, its ILLEGAL, and if it isn't, it sure as hell should be!!!


You have been warn!

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I agree the only thing sicker then rape is if you rape your family. That made it so much worse to deal with it.

As I've posted here before, I'm completely in love with my sister and do not see what the big deal is regarding ******, providing, of course, it's consensual between teens or adults. Those who rant about it "just being wrong" have little to draw on, with it likely some biblical statement (i.e., nonsense). Sadly I only had one night with my sister, but she's still in my thoughts. My wonderful thoughts. The same for her, though she has moved on. : (

Im forming and anti sexual violence organization that will one day make kkk and white supremacy groups obsolete

Why do you associate being raped by a family member with potentially consensual relationships and then view them as the equivalent of murder? That is the same as a guy getting raped by a man and therefore being a homophobe who thinks all gay people should be murder. It is a huge false equivalency.

You think that murder, one of the most absolutely heinous crimes punishable by death, is still better than ******? Please understand that ****** isn't Illegal for everyone, and the only reason it is illegal is because of the common majority morals. You can't report someone living in Russia to anyone, in Russia, consensual sex between adults, including ******, is not a crime. This is not only true for Russia, but a large amount of other countries with quite high standing in the world.

I'll respect that you have morals, and that you believe it's wrong, but regardless of what you believe the fact is you have no idea what you're talking about, you're an idiot and you believe you're opinion is worth more simply because it's yours and many people share the same opinion. ****** is not the same as rape, stop pretending it is, stop pretending you're not some idiot preaching about something they clearly don't understand, I get so sick of people like you. Regardless if you like ****** or not, consensual sex between two adults, regardless of their relation, is none of your business, nor will it ever be. It's one thing if the family member is forced, or in a position where they believe they have no choice. However, two adults, above the age of majority, whom understand the gravity of the decision they are making should have every right to do what every they please, regardless of what you're opinion of it is.

Thank you for this sanity.

as a survivor of sexual abuse by a family member, i couldn't agree with you more. i would still be repelled by ****** if my experience hadn't happened.

ditto ....... i know its a bad memory for you and it gets you all &*&^%% but breathe calm down relax...iam sure you made your point to them..... congrats !! so add me lets chat ?

I agree with AlyAngel. Thanks for taking a stand!