I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm normally a pretty laid back person (Lately, I keep being told I'm 'very chill'...whatevs) and that it takes a lot to get me to express any level of irritation or anger. But, once I get to that point, I'm afraid I'm not a very likable person.

My words are vicious and I'm unrepetanant about saying hurtful things. I tend to know the exact thing to get under someone's skin and, if I'm angry enough not only will I say it, I'll enjoy saying it. Mental warfare is the most effective and if I've learned one thing from my upbringing its how **** with someone's mind.

...Yeah, basically, I'm a ***** when I'm angry. I try not to let it happen too often though. =P


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First of all, please let me say that I LOVE the fact that you spelled the Latin correctly. I've read Vinni Viddi Vicci far too many times and to see it written correctly... darn near orgasmic.<br />
<br />
And I don't agree with the idea that ALL women are equipped as you described. Not all people are gifted with the intellect to be ABLE to do a read on someone else quickly enough to be able to spout of a stream of barbs with homing devices aimed for kill spots.

You could have a point...I am a girl after all. =P

You make Lou Ferrigno look like Lassie.