No, Sir.

If I am served a plate of bullshit, I will send it right back. 

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18 Responses Feb 17, 2009

I like them. They're pretty.

Those are the types of dogs i want.

They'd probably do fine. They're like... built for the cold.

even a husky?

The little ones definitely would. I took my parents' dog outside today and she was too cold to move. She was only out there for three minutes. The big ones might not freeze to death if they have enough fat on them. A while back I read a lady left her dog outside overnight and it froze to the sidewalk. The only reason it lived was because it was obese. Poor dog. I wouldn't risk it.

the little ones might but the big ones wouldn't.

Oh, they'd freeze to death here... So, they must sleep inside.

lol that's why dogs sleep outside imo...

Egh... I'd hate to clean that off.

between your toes even! one dog two feet!

Oh, yeah, I'm thankful for that... Gross...

Least it isn't a huge dog either...

True, true... At least this dog holds it in all night unlike my last dog... Or my sister's dog.

don't get mad you are a dog lover and knew the risk!

It's not funny at 3 am with the lights off, I tell you what, boy.

Oh, no, if a place of establishment serves me bullshit, I leave said place of establishment. <br />
<br />
True, but nothing's worse than dog poo between the toes. :) (Why am I smiling for that? Gag.)

Just make sure you don't eat that after it comes back to you. The bullshitty waiters and cooks don't take kindly to people sending food back. :P

personally id sue them because im sure if you ate it then it would cause some kind of damage.... if not kill you.