I Am Tired of Untrustworthy People.

I don't trust anyone until they prove themselves to be trustworthy. I don't like not being able to trust. It hurts friendships and has kept me from loving some great guys. Once I am lied to by a person, I am terrafied to trust them again. I am always told that my inability to trust is always the problem, I am beginning to think that it's the untrustworthy people that are the problem instead. I just wish that people would stop lying and start loving.

22-25, F
5 Responses Feb 6, 2009

I think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the leap of faith that creates trust in its first instant is at its best usualy unconcious and fearless to the instigator <br />
<br />
after all who wants to come to their senses between the jaws of ill-fate ....<br />
<br />
so I gave trust a miss and just did love and friends <br />
and in that place I found a trust that will never end

Your story sounds very familiar.

eople are hard to trust sometimes!

I know how you feel i feel the exact same way.<br />
<br />