All Alone

I suffer from anxiety, depression, ya know, the works :/ I've never felt like I've been able to trust anyone in my family, I get uncomfortablewhen the mention just the slightest thing personal. Nearly every night I fight with my parents or sister about something, wether it be homework, or me upset from my sensory issues. I have been struggling lately with emotions. My parents have taken me to therapists since I was in preschool and I always feel they are spy's for my parents. I also feel that when someone's near or touching me they can read my mind. At night I cannot sleep because I have a horrible fear of people coming and murdering my family or people hiding in rooms of my house. As for friends i have many by I've never met anyone I felt like I could tell anything. I know it sounds silly but I always feel betrayed by anyone who would says their my friend, then gets for example, a friend ship braclet with someone else :/

Idk If this has anything to do wih this but I was also abused as a child
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Jan 7, 2013