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Talking to people is never easy for me. I am always afraid at the most sudden and abrupt second they will vanish. Not for a while, permanently. I do not trust even those I speak to on a daily occasion. Someday, they will not be in my life. I, therefore, keep people at a distance. I don’t want them hurt. I do not want to be hurt.
There are times were the heart does yield though. Some people make it impossible to stay away. After discussing with an EP friend, I realize, you don’t have to completely trust to also want to be close to people. Sometimes, the compelling factor is too much. What then is trust to me?
One sentence will elucidate the concept: complete comfort and belief that another will not devastate or destroy your hopes or expectations in them.
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I know how you feel. I hope you find someone one day you can connect with and trust with all your heart. Best wishes!

Well, in some way, people always gonna hurt you, intentionally or not, and you do them, but if you don't trust because you refuse to be hurt, you end up hurting too. So take the risk. You don't have to trust other if you don't want to, but you could trust yourself for your own judgement.

Seeing the way you described trust, its very accurate with how a lot of people feel. It's terrifying to know that someone you trust whole heartedly can up and leave you at any moment but thats what life is. Life is just about putting yourself out there and giving chances to things you'd never do. (ironic how I deal with anxiety and am giving you this advice) but I do know one thing. If I didn't trust anyone in my life. I wouldn't have a bond with the people I trust, it just wouldn't be there BUT thats the risk I take in trusting them. If I get hurt, I'll pick myself up and move on. I hope that one day you can find trust not only in others but as well as in yourself just like the person above me said. Best of wishes

you're absolutely right when you said:
"If I didn't trust anyone in my life. I wouldn't have a bond with the people I trust, it just wouldn't be there BUT thats the risk I take in trusting them."
and these words are very optimistic:
"If I get hurt, I'll pick myself up and move on."
please Keep up that attitude ! Life's a hard fact and short,so it is wiser to move on in my opinion :)

well this is quite sensible in my opinion.People come and go in our lives.It seems we are bound to meet different kinds of people in life so that we can have a broader and better perspective of life.And it is IMPOSSIBLE to PLEASE everyone ALL the time.<br />
I have said it many times ,the reason being our EMOTIONAL nature( our moods CHANGE/FLUCTUATE constantly ) and influence of our CULTURAL/RELIGIOUS background in our THINKING and place (country we live in ) and other factors.<br />
And in my opinion ,the ONLY person who WILL be there with you ALWAYS is: YOU ,So TRUST in yourself is of Great importance in my opinion.:)

The perfect definition of trust is...."TO GIVE SOMEONE THE AUTHORITY TO COMPLETELY DESTROY YOU BUT AT THE SAME TIME BEING CONFIDENT THAT THEY WILL NEVER DO IT" life is too short to be fearful each day as if its the last,,, and if u hurt someone or someone hurts u.. well then u will appreciate and cherrish the joy when u do have it ...all for having known the pain. SMILE!!!!!